Some projects carried out onsite in Africa include:

Implementation of VAS Solution for Globacom Ghana.
The solution which includes several Value Added Services (platforms) gives the operator the ability to utilize SMS, Bulk messaging, MMS, Cell based broadcast, Voicemail, Internet Infrastructure, call driver solutions and USSD with a charging proxy that could implement various rating scenarios in order to maximize operator revenue. This solution gives the operators Value Added Service environment exotic services like: Please call me back, Please Recharge Me, bulk sms, advertisement based on location (cell based advertisement) and even smart customer care reporting tools to track ever changing needs of subscriber in an intelligent manner.

Implementation Message Personalization Solution in Nigeria's Largest Operator.
In a competitive market like Nigeria, pacesetting is what you need to edge out your competitors. The largest operator in Nigeria has set the pace with the implementation of message plus functionality that would propel the use of mobile phones to another level. Working with our Partners, TechFuture Engineers were used to implement new services in that region. Such beneficial services deployed with the help of TechFuture Limited include: SMS to Email, SMS blocking (blacklisting/White listing), and auto response (SMSMYSTATUS), also SMS archive to a web portal for backup purposes was implemented.

Implementation of Messaging Solution for Mobile Banking in Central Africa.

With strong competition brewing in Central Africa our clients deployed SMS infrastructure on Sigtran architecture to accommodate for application traffic that would propel mobile banking applications that is increasingly popular in that region. TechFuture was on ground to consult, design and implement various phases of that project. The implementation enabled the operator to benefit High Scalability, Express messaging and other fine features.

Implementation of Messaging and Business Intelligence Platform in East Africa
Telepath SMSC was deployed in Uganda as an improvement to their previous SMSC due to efficiency and Capacity issue for their growing network. Telepath was also integrated with a message gateway through which all Airtel and other service provider applications binded. We also had a business intelligence solution installed to give a cutting edge amongst other operators and also allowed them to monitor their performance.

Implementation of Business Intelligence and Monitoring Platform for Nigeria's Largest Operator.
CMS was deployed in Nigeria's Largest Operator to monitor all of our partners' systems installed on site (i.e SMSC, Messaging Application Router, Business Intelligence, ITP, EIR). The CMS is based on OpenView software components of HP. The standard OpenView software modules can be configured in such way that the CMS will provide valuable SMSC information to MTN. Alarm Management is done via HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) and HP OpenView Operations(OVO). Performance Monitoring is also done with NNM. Performance Reporting is done using Business Objects Enterprise XI(BOE XI) with Crystal Reporting. While the Business Intelligence platform collects and reports on data from several SMSCs and upgrades this data into knowledge. This knowledge enables MTN to make well informed business decisions and thus can be the source of competitive advantages.

Implementation of GLO Nigeria Business Intelligence Platform
Business tools was deployed in Globacom Nigeria to assist the marketers as well as operational managers who struggle to get timely information about data services usage and performance. It provides timely insights of mobile data services and performance directly to the business user's desktop.

Implementation of Charging Solution for Globacom Nigeria
Existing prepaid billing systems investment is protected and optimized due to the PSA (Pre-delivery Service Agent)'s unique ability to reduce the load directly on the billing system. The PSA acts as a charging proxy which enables Globacom to grow content and messaging services without the immediate need to upgrade the billing system. Additional flexibility is also provided to the post paid billing environment to enable new services and pre-rating of all billing records. A wide range of rate plans is supported including tiered pricing, periodic fees, premium rate services and roaming surcharge. In addition, several content providers can connect to the PSA with various supported standard interfaces. To maximize revenue and enable prepaid charging for roaming subscribers, the PSA also provides intelligent rating and mediation controls for all aspects of the SMS service. The PSA offering is included to address the charging elements of roaming SMS users including differentiated charging per roaming partner.

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