TechFuture sells cutting-edge solutions by working with global leaders in mobile telecommunications solutions e.g.

Accuris Networks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Roaming solutions not just for data offload but voice and messaging also. This allows Wi-Fi networks to become a fully integrated extension of GSM and CDMA networks. In addition Accuris Networks also provide solutions for CDMA to GSM roaming, dual-IMSI roaming and Over-The-Air device management.

Buzzinbees is a leading provider of Real-time automatic SIM activation solution. In addition Buzzinbees also provide solutions for M2M mobile network optimization and Real-time charging mediation.

Coiler Corporation is one of the most experienced and most focused repeater suppliers in the World. Based in Taiwan and established in 1991, Coiler has been gradually expanding its repeater product portfolio to now where we are able to offer our clients the widest choice of mobile signal enhancement solutions for indoor and outdoor coverage for all mobile networks.

Openmind Networks Provides Messaging Infrastructure for Mobile Service Providers that create new revenue opportunities and a profitable future in mobile messaging,and also connects enterprises and their customers in engaging messaging conversations.

Tieto We envision a future in which data is the biggest driver of continuously increasing societal and economic value. As digitalization gains speed, personalized services become the new normal and a key success factor for our customers - rapidly increasing the demand for data-driven innovations and new revenue streams. Tieto seeks a pivotal role in this change and aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and by doing this, to become our customers' first choice for business renewal.

Myriad Technologies Myriad delivers consumer applications, messaging solutions, and embedded software to leading OEMs, mobile operators, and pay TV providers worldwide. Myriad's unrivalled product portfolio provides OEMs, service providers and device manufacturers with the ability to deliver powerful social, mobile, rich media and television experiences on all types of devices.

Seamless is a global payments company that provides prepaid top-up systems and mobile payment services for mobile operators, distributors, retailers and consumers. The company has two main product lines: the proprietary transaction switch ERS 360 for top-ups to mobile operators and distributors, and SEQR for mobile payments in stores, on-line and in-app.

Other solutions are:

Messaging solutions:
The enormous growth potential of messaging infrastructure across Africa has propelled TechFuture Limited in providing mobile messaging solutions. With an ever increasing demand for mobile messaging services the need for constant innovative services has propelled TechFuture Limited to provide more value added services that in turn provides operators with a high return on investment. Such innovative mobile messaging services that have been deployed include: parental control for text-based messages, (online) message archiving, message delivery control (copy/forward/reply) and enhanced client integration for desktops and mobile devices.

Mobile Data Solutions
Our Mobile Data solutions deliver a wide range of value added services and capabilities. These services help our customers unlock and protect the full potential of their mobile communication channels, with the aim of increasing return on investment. Mobile Data Services portfolio is based on Open Data Services Architecture which provides access for service providers and application developers to the mobile ecosystem. This has been designed to facilitate a new wave of services enabling mobile operators to extend their business models and generate new revenue streams. The three layers of the Open Data Services Architecture seamlessly integrate, using published, standards based interfaces. The Open Connectivity Framework connects to different network technologies and provides efficient core service functionality like message routing and delivery, security, and basic call handling.

Mobile Charging
With our suites of revenue assuring products TechFuture Limited would provide you with industry based standard platforms that is not only capable to do intelligent rating but also highly resilient, scalable to grantee revenue generation whenever. We also provide Charging platforms that would smoothly integrate with zero -down time into an operator's environment there by reducing any revenue loss during implementation phase. Our mobile charging solutions cater for complex rating/charging scenarios and packages that always give the operator an edge bearing in mind ever changing business requirements.

Business intelligence
The aim of business intelligence is to actualize meaningful Information for building/planning and developing marketing strategizes from raw data. With our solutions, you can be sure that you would have an incisive approach to your business need. Also, the flexibity of your reporting and work flow would be greatly improved with the deserve port-folio we have to offer from TechFuture. This is definitely a strategy any company willing to understand its growth pattern, behavior and resource allocation technique must try to get ahead of the game.

Banking Solutions:
Applications which include customer care tools, inventory management and core banking applications provide tremendous benefits to our various clients to meet their specific requirements. Our goal is not only software provision; we also provide support/training services with the overall gain of maximizing our client's user experience and productivity.

Energy Solutions:
TechFuture Limited is involved in the provision of smart solutions on energy distribution to developers and estate managers through the sales & supply of prepaid energy meters. We also implement customized energy billing and tariff systems for residential developments with multiple energy platforms/sources. We also provide metering & billing solutions on water to monitor consumption, usage and billing to residential estates. Some of our projects include the Dove Court Estate, Utako, Abuja and Grace Court Estate, Makoko, Yaba.

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